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Buy Nothing? A Buy Nothing day, a day in which one is to withhold from purchasing any goods is supposed to be an effective tool to increase awareness of the excessive consumerism that is supposedly plaguing the US. It is a “24-hour consumer detox” from the market. But does a day such as this really work? Does this detaching of the metaphorical leach from consumerism really notify the victim of its existence? Well just as a leach shrinks when removed from its host, so does the consumer when they are striped of there pressious goods. In others words, a Buy Nothing day is indeed effective. Since its origination in Canada in 1992, and its subsequent growth since, Buy Nothing day has proven to be an effective means of pointing out the dependence of the consumer on “stuff”. Evidence of this is obvious enough in its growth; if the day wasn’t effective then its popularity would not grow, and vice versa. A way of picturing its effectiveness in ones mind eye would be to imagine a patient on life support that is suddenly turned off. In this representation the life support is the consumerism that the patient is a victim to and the deactivation of it represents the Buy Nothing day. A wake up call of such nature would indeed be good for the country. Today’s entire society is itself a society of consumers. Evidence of this is there for all to see: the endless ads on the tvs, radio, and internet, the constant sales and discounts that stores hold in attempts to draw business (Black Friday being the most notable) and the constant coveting and competition that goes on between americans everyday. Just looking at the iron grip that the economy and companies have on the lives of the american people calls for a change and through Buy Nothing day, a change might just be provoked. While some might say that a day of buying nothing would do exactly that, which is nothing- it is

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