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Buy Handwriting a Letter vs E-Mail essay paper online Writing a letter differs from sending an e-mail based on the means of communication. However, both writing a letter and sending an e-mail pass the same messages from the sender to the receiver. Therefore, the comparison between writing a letter and sending an e-mail depends on the messages that the sender passes to the receiver. Some of the similarities between handwriting a letter and sending an e-mail are that both the handwritten letters and e-mails send salutations, conversations, greetings, and send notifications about events, information about family and business situations. Handwriting a letter and sending e-mails have undergone a significant change following the advent of the Internet. A person can compose a letter on a computer and send it by e-mail as a way of communicating with others, then writing a letters on a paper is an old-fashioned way of conveying information. Writing a letter using a pen and paper is about to become extinct following the advent of the computer technology, where many people feels that the Internet is the fastest way of communicating with other people by sending messages. However, some still value a pen and paper more than they value computer and the Internet because of their own viewpoints. People can prefer writing letters on a paper regardless of whether they are computer literate or they are computer illiterate. Some people prefer handwriting letter because of the belief that they can express their feeling confidently due to privacy. They know that the letter will reach only the intended receiver and not any other person. The frequency of sending and receiving handwritten letters from sender depends on the postal service that the sender decides to use, with some postal services being faster and more reliable than others are. Over the Internet, sending a letter as an

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