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This essay will look at my work and identify two areas where improvements are needed. I will be provided a description of my job, identify where improvements can be made and discuss the reasons why. I currently work for two departments within one directorate in the public sector. Both roles involve large amounts of clerical work. One department has failed its external accreditation, and is currently working hard to regain it. One reason was poor document control, which now forms a major part of my role. The documents include operating instructions and the asset register. To ensure the operating instruction are accurate and up to date, communication and team working is paramount. I identify documents requiring revision and speak to relevant staff about them. I request they read the procedures and make any amendments required before I retype them in the agreed format. Once I have completed a draft copy, I e-mail it to the person who reviewed the document, to ensure that it is fit for purpose. This process may be repeated several times to ensure the documents are accurate. I then embed them into a bespoke quality management system, ready for authorisation, as a true working copy by the departmental manager. Once this is completed I set a review date for the document to be revisited. The maintenance of the asset register requires me to cross reference existing documentation and produce easy to read records of current assets. Again I need to communicate with staff to identify the location of the equipment, its current use, its state of repair and maintenance due date. Government legislation states that clinical test reports should be completed within fourteen days, but this is not always possible. It is my job to identify unreported tests and to communicate with medical personnel to ascertain why. I find that the best

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