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Butterfly Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Zhou Lu
English 12
An Example, the Butterfly
  The butterfly is any of a group of slender day-flight insects with broad, often bright-colored wings.   However, it is unsightly in the larva stage.   The butterfly has to go through egg, larva, and pupa stage to reach adulthood.   Comparing to butterfly’s four stages, there are also three stages of human: preparation, struggle and mature.
  A caterpillar’s job is to eat as does a human youth’s job is to study.   The caterpillar can eat food at one thousand times its weight for generating energy in the pupa stage.   In the preparation time, a human youth is preparing his future by studying at school as diligently as a caterpillar would consume food.   Studying is very crucial in a person’s life.   It sets up the path to pursue his dream.   In history, few successful men were illiterate.   In modern times, knowledge has become more important than ever before.   The struggles in life do not wait for a person to be ready, they come all the time.   A person needs to be prepared.
  When the caterpillar stores enough energy, it will build a pupa to become butterfly as does a person fight against difficulties to become more mature.   While in the pupa stage, the caterpillar is accomplishing the process to become a butterfly.   Only ten percent of caterpillars break the pupa.   Ninety percent are building tombs for themselves.   But a person will not die for failing in life’s struggles.   In this period of life, he fights against many difficulties.   Therefore, preparation becomes very crucial.   After going through struggles, a person will strengthen in his abilities.   If one fails to overcome the struggle, an individual may lose his confidence, which makes a person low-spirited.   After surmounting the struggle stage, a person will be a “butterfly,” in which stage a human will have a rewarding life.
  The adult stage is not the rest time of a butterfly.   It needs to breed with others to keep the species alive as do people...

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