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But These Things Also Essay

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  • on April 25, 2014
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How does Thomas present change in ‘But these things also’?

‘But these things also’ is a poem which explores the blurred transition between winter and spring. It has a chatty tone and uses Iambic Tetrameter to reflect the cyclical nature of the seasons. Thomas wrote the poem in the South of England; where he spend a lot of his time walking in the countryside as he was interested in and took pleasure from nature and botany. This has been portrayed in other poems he wrote such as ‘March’ and ‘The Sun Used To Shine’.

Thomas presents change as the time of transition between winter and spring. Firstly, Thomas personifies winter and spring, ‘pay winters debts’, emphasised as he writes the words ‘Winter’ and ‘Spring’ in capitals; which gives the seasons a greater importance and infers that they control many aspects of life. In the first sentence, Thomas uses internal rhyme ‘things are also Spring’s’ which emphasises the season’s power and highlights the importance of their transition. The poem was written in March 1913 so Thomas would have been experiencing changes in the seasons, he portrays this through the muted colours, ‘greyer’ and ‘white’ which are a metaphor for the transition. Thomas portrays the cyclical and continuous nature of the transition in the line ‘startling flocks by chattering on and on’. The birds keep on ‘chattering’ and so does the transition. The anthropomorphism of the birds is used a lot in Thomas’s poetry as he believes birds hold a higher power. There is a similar theme in Thomas’s poem ‘March’, ‘what did the thrushes know?’ which also explores the seasons transition ‘now I know that spring will come again’. These poems are similar as they use spring as a sign of hope and the overcoming of depression and war. Another poem which anthropomorphises birds and uses them as an extended metaphor for hope is ‘The Darkling Thrush’ by ‘Thomas Hardy’ which is similar to ‘But these things also’ as it shows a need and search for hope, ‘an aged...

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