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Introduction 1.1 Overview to the Project * Brief overview to the project that your group is proposing. * Statistics or information on country / region / city * Overview diagrams / illustrations * High level observations * Major studies you have reviewed (Literature) * How the report is organized Today world is very busy. Most of people are becoming busy with their work schedule and the studies. In that case lot of people face with lot of problems. Loneliness, mental stress and mental weaknesses are universal human emotions, yet it is complex and unique to each individual. Bad mental health of people have become a big problem in the world, as it affects specially on the quality of work done by them. Most of the time some of the people are going to suicide and they face lot of inconvenience with their life. And also with this busy schedule lots of people like to spend time in lonely. When they are spend time lonely they get stressed, increase their mental problems etc… This situation mainly occurs with South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka etc. Wide range of negative effects on both physical and mental health impacting stress, heart health and immunity. Many researches have been conducted on this area but none of them have achieved a final product which has satisfied the users. To avoid such a problem we are going to introduce an application called “YAALU”. This is an application which can use in a mobile or a computer. With the technical evolution of the world, most of the people use technical devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and etc. This research project has the idea of communicating with the busy users through a virtual character in their computer and refrain the users from falling into a bad mental health. It is an application which will be designed to run as a desktop application which consists of more

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