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RESEARCH METHOD TECHNIQUES IMPACT OF STRESS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE ON EMPLOYEESPERFORMANCE IN CORPORATE WORLD GROUP MEMBERS AMINA ZAHID MOMAL AFTAB HUMAYUN QURESHI ARSALAN AYUB GULAM ALI 7/17/2013 IMPACT OF STRESS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE ON EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE IN CORPORATE WORLD LITERATURE REVIEW Stress is the universal in nature and persons from every walk of life contributions have to face stress. Nearly all organizations are planning to overlook the stress and psychological contributions to lower job performance and productivity declining from dissatisfaction, high turnover rate. Stress is a personal experience created by pressure or individual demand causing an impact on the person’s ability to cope with the situation (Blaug, 2005). The first theory on stress was presented by freud (1978), who considered as the result of discharge of energy either due to external and internal obstacles. In 1960, the approach was considered which stated when the individual is not capable to meet the demands of certain situations, these situations when the individual is not capable to meet the demands of certain situation, these situation in return affect the individual health. Mostly the reasons behind it are incompatibility of an employee to meet the demands of the job (Kenyon, 2005). Abuse incorporates many perspectives ranging from psychical restraint to mental torture and to exploitation of resources. Exploiting an employee’s rights by not communicating him accurate information regarding the options he have to avoid (Duggan, 1998). There are two possibilities one is when an employee takes stress he finds it difficult to perform with the best of skills and other is an employee enjoys working in stressful situation and delivers best to the firm’s interest. Giga and Hoel (2003) stated in his research that company’s mergers, acquisitions of asset

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