Bussiness Communication Assignment 8 Essay

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Kevin Lopez Belhaven University Business Communication Patty Saliba Assignment 8 Kevin Lopez 850 N Jefferson St Jackson MS, USA (516) 462 5295 November 24, 2013 Dr. Roger Parrott Belhaven University 1500 Peachtree St Jackson MS 39202 Re: Assignment 8 Dear Dr. Parrott: I am so excited to inform you that upon your request I have been able to complete what you have asked for and came up with some ideas on how to greet our potential new student from Japan, Hiroshi Nakandakare. I have carefully researched Japanese culture, and I have found some ways in which I think we can make Hiroshi feel welcome and have a favorable impression of our school. It is very important to try to avoid physical contact on our first meeting, unless Hiroshi says different. The proper way to greet him is by bowing to him, the deeper the bow, the deeper the respect that we will show for him. We can also star off by saying "Hajime-mashite,” which basically means “nice to meet you” in Japanese, to make him see that we’ve cared about learning about his language and make him feel welcomed. Also using the suffix “san” after his name would be also considered

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