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Impacts of Fast Food. Through out hundreds of years of history, everything has changed; people, animals, nature and culture are striking examples of this. Also culture of food varied a lot. Today we live in the fast paced society. Now people never have enough time, no matter on what, and it is so wrong. Fast food seemed like an easy way to solve at least part of this problem, but it is not. As well as it has some good factors , fast food also has a lot of bad impacts on society, as obesity , relations within families and a huge numbers of unhealthy individuals. Fast food restaurants give a lot of calories and also a small energy. According to research fast food is related to obesity because it has a lot of fat in it. By eating fast food it is easy to get obesity. Obesity is when your body has more fat than it needs. This maybe the reason why about 60 percent of America's people are obese, and 74.1 percent of people are overweight .American people go to the fast food restaurants like it is their house because they go there so often. Number of overweight adults in America is 97.1 million and number of obese adults is 39.8 million. Each year those numbers grow more and more. People spent a lot of money for dieting. Amount of money Americans spend annually on weight-loss products and services is $33 billion. It is can not stay the same or even get worse. Number of deaths annually attributable to obesity is 280,000 of people. This is scary! You may say that it is your choice to do it, but think now if you see that many ads on TV for Big Macs and super size fries and if fast food restaurants pop up on every corner of every street you just can not stop yourself .One solution to this problem would be to limit the number of ads fast food companies can have at any one time. So if there would be no fast food, there would be no problem with over weight. What

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