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IP Australia Library Discovery House PO Box 200 WODEN ACT 2600 Phone: (02) 6283 2058 Fax: (02) 6282 5810 Email: library@ipaustralia.gov.au Searchable Networked Intellectual Property Electronic Resource SNIPER BULLETIN June 2011 Note: Due to copyright requirements, IP Australia Library is unable to directly supply copies of these articles to readers outside IP Australia. Please contact your local library to obtain copies of these articles by interlibrary loan. SNIPER Bulletin Library, IP Australia SNIPER No.: 2011/00624 Author: Künzel, Jens Title: Abstracts and the internet Source: World Intellectual Property Review. January/February 2011, p. 56. Summary: Newspaper abstracts -- copyright and trade mark infringement -- Germany -- Kreiger Mes and Graf v. der Groeben -- fair use. Subject: Copyright infringement--case law--Germany Subject: Trade mark infringement--case law--Germany Subject: Culture and entertainment industry--case law--Germany SNIPER No.: 2011/00665 Author: Azam, Mohammad Monirul; and Richardson, Kristy Title: Access to medicines and pharmaceutical patent protection under the TRIPs Agreement: a review of literature on the challenges for least developed countries Source: Intellectual Property Forum. No. 84, March 2011, pp. 59-67. Summary: Patenting of pharmaceuticals -- Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) -- intellectual property and patent law in Bangladesh -- protection of patents Subject: Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (1994) Subject: Pharmaceutical industry--developing countries Subject: Patent rights Subject: Intellectual property law SNIPER No.: 2011/00788 Author: Harris, Carolyn Title: ACIP reports on patentable subject matter Source: Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin. Vol. 23 No. 10, April 2011, pp. 246-247. Summary: Advisory Council on Intellectual

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