Busniess Management Essay

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With reference to the USA finance and economics magazine 《Fortune》, they say the CEO of apple - Steve Jobs is a autocrat. In his company, he will manage everything. If the officials have a mistake, he will say filthy language to denounce. Steve Jobs was warning the new vice-chairman that he cannot accept any mistake of him. He was comparing the new vice-chairman with a security guard. The security guard may have much explains but vice-chairman have no more excuse. That gives us a feeling that the employee can only succeed, not fail. Once, his company develops an online service – MobileMe and detrude to the market. MobileMe has been judged by 《The Wall Street Journal》 because its server problem and the speed was slow. Steve Jobs was angry and reproach the term which develop MobileMe. He was using the filthy language and said that they broke the reputation of the company. After that, they have been fired. About the First Comprehensive Contingency Model, Steve Jobs has a poor leader-member relations, low task structure, and strong position power. The leadership situation was into VII. In these examples, we also see that apple’s leadership behavior is autocratic style. It is that of a leader who typically tends to centralize authority, dictate work methods, make unilateral decisions, and limit employee participation. Moreover, Steve Jobs is drive which is traits associated with leadership. It is because he cannot accept the defeat and desire for achievement. However, he rejects honesty and integrity. He don’t build trusting relationship with

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