Busniess Admestretion Essay

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Research Assignment (5%) A. BRAINSTORMING & NARROWING THE TOPIC Choosing a Topic 1. Choose one of the following topics you would like to write about for your research essay. Select something that interests you or else you will get bored so choose carefully. Once you have chosen your research topic you cannot change. a. Culture / Arts in the UAE b. The economy in the UAE c. Development in the UAE Brainstorming Ideas 2. Brainstorm some ideas for your essay in the space below. What could you write about? (3 marks) [pic] Narrowing the Topic 3. The essay topics are very general. Narrow the topic 5 times so it is more focused. If you have difficulty, look at the following website for ideas (5 marks). (http://www.tesltimes.com/essay.html#narrow) 4. Your essay needs to have 3 body paragraphs each containing a different subtopic. Use your brainstorming ideas to complete the following chart of potential subtopics (4 marks): |Essay Topic: | | |Subtopic 1: | | |Subtopic 2: | | |Subtopic 3: | | Thesis Statement 5. Write a thesis statement in the space below. Include the topic, controlling idea and subtopics [in parallel] (10 marks). ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ __________________

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