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University of Phoenix Material Revision Analysis Part 1 In the tables below, list the details provided in your feedback from different sources: your instructor, WritePoint®, Plagiarism Checker, and your peers. In the second column, explain what changes you will make to your paper based on that feedback. Address one specific area of feedback in each row. Example: |Feedback Received |Revisions to Make Based on That Feedback | |1. My instructor indicated that my research |I will review each page of my paper and remove the use of first person. I will rewrite each | |paper should not be written in first person. |sentence properly in third person. I will also review the material in the Center for Writing| | |Excellence that will help me better understand how to use third person correctly. | Instructor Feedback |Feedback Received |Revisions to Make Based on That Feedback | |1. Feedback from my professor is that my |A few of errors that my facilitator has pointed out are small errors. These small errors can| |writing needs some revision in one or more of |be fix and reduce if I pay attention to what am writing. Comparing my feedback from my | |the following areas: transitions between |teacher to my essay will also help me to eliminate these errors. | |paragraphs need to connect one idea to the | | |next; closing statements in each paragraph | | |need to reiterate the major ideas discussed; |

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