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BUSN602 Midterm Exam Set 2 Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwcampus.com/shop/busn602-midterm-exam-2/ Return to Assessment List Part 1 of 1 - 100.0 Points Question 1 of 20 5.0 Points Jill Clinton puts $1,000 in a savings passbook that pays 4% compounded quarterly. How much will she have in her account after five years? A.$1,200.50 B.$1,220.20 C.$1,174.80 D.$1,217.50 Question 2 of 20 5.0 Points An increase in inflation should: A.increase the demand for loanable funds B.decrease the interest rate on loans C.increase the interest rate on loans D.none of the above Question 3 of 20 5.0 Points Economists use a ___________________ framework to explain…show more content…
Question 9 of 20 5.0 Points ____________ is anything generally accepted as a means of paying for goods and services and for paying off debts. It must be easily divisible, so that exchanges can take place in small or large quantities; relatively inexpensive to store and transfer; and reasonably stable in value over time. A.A financial asset B.A real asset C.money D.all of the above E.none of the above Question 10 of 20 5.0 Points List the five major capital market securities described in the chapter 7. Question 11 of 20 5.0 Points Which of the following is not an asset of depository institutions? A.cash B.unsecured loans C.time deposits D.U.S. government securities Question 12 of 20 5.0 Points Identify and describe the factors, in addition to supply and demand, that determine interest rates. Question 13 of 20 5.0 Points You need $8,000 four years from now for a down payment on your future house. How much money must you deposit today if your credit union pays 5% interest compounded annually? Pick the closest answer. A.$6,269.59

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