Business Writing Portfolio: XCOM 285 Essentials Of Managerial Communication

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Associate Level Material Business Writing Portfolio Your Name Here XCOM/285 Essentials of Managerial Communication University of Phoenix Reflection The writing techniques I learned in this course are techniques I will be able to apply to my future writings in courses and my career. As I progress through my Bachelors degree program, I am sure that there will be more courses that I will have to write papers. I will be able to use the lessons from this course to help me choose the format I use, the etiquette I write with and the message I send. I can also use this information in my career later in life as well as the job that I am currently in. With my position as an administrative assistant, I am constantly writing…show more content…
Determine if the | |content is appropriate for a workplace setting. Explain your answer | | | |This email is definitely not work-appropriate. Whether you are friends with your superiors outside of work or not, when conducting | |business you should always keep the communication professional. Instead of doc the writer should have put document and the same with | |info being information. Str8 should have been straight and U should have been you. He writer also should not have put a personal
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