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* Consumer-The consumer is the person that buys your products from your company. The consumer will always look for the better product and will try and find the best priced product which falls into ‘Cost’. Cost-The cost of the product is crucial to your company selling your product because in almost all cases there is a competiting company that will try and get the edge. Having the better price then the opposition will give you a better advantage of your competition. Convenience-The convenience is how easy the product is to use and operate. The easier the product is to use then the more people will purchase the product because it is much less effort to use. Communication-Is the advertising of your product so that the people know about it and will come looking for the product to purchase it. Business Studies Marketing (selling your product) -Achieving a customer need -Being better than the competition -Promoting the business -Advertisement -Planning -Satisfying objectives Market Place where goods are sold -Industrial Market -Food Market (retail) -Clothing Market (retail) -Commercial Market Definition-Promoting your business through advertisement which will lead to being better than the competition and satisfying your customers needs and other objectives. Market- place where goods are bought and sold. Types: Resource: individuals or groups that are engaged in all forms of primary production, including mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing. Industrial: those which purchase products to use in the production of other products or in their daily operations. Intermediate: wholesalers and retailers Consumer: members of the household. Mass: mass-producers, mass-distributes and mass-promoters one product. Niche: concentrated or micro specialised. Primary-raw Secondary-man made refined…manufactures Tertiary-retail Raw

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