Business Web Innovation - Management of Social Media Essay

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ANDREW MACLEOD Student ID : S1228894 MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY AND ENTERPRIZE BUSINESS WEB INNOVATION Seminar Tutor : ALEXIS BARLOW Word Count : 1, 534 Contents Introduction 3 Management Practises 3 Implementation Strategy 3 Measurement of effectiveness and ROI 5 Operational Matters 6 Development of social media policy 7 Conclusion/Recommendations 7 References 8 Introduction Businesses use social media as it enables them to stay one step ahead. Social media holds many benefits to help grow and develop a business, stay competitive and allow the company to progress for many years to come while other rival organisations who don’t use social media are failing. Businesses should use Cooks 4 Cs to make the most of social media for business use. They have to connect, communicate, collaborate and co-operate with customers effectively to reap all the benefits of social media. This purpose of this report will be to explore the different management practices businesses can use and how they should implement strategies taking into consideration operational matters as well as the need to develop a social media policy to include measuring how effective the practices are allowing them to reach their business goals. Management Practises Implementation Strategy Businesses have a choice of two strategies they can use to measure social media. The bottom up strategy and the top down strategy. Both strategies will now be explored in more depth. Cook (2008) claims that implementation strategies can be of the bottom up or the top down variety. The positive effect for businesses using the bottom up strategy as their implementation strategy is it focuses more on collaboration which is good for team building activities while also allowing a better system for staff to evaluate each

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