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Business-to-Business Messages Daniel Thomas 04/16/12 Kerry Jones Within a company communication is very vital part of the operations. Whether is communication internally, to the customer or to other businesses communication is needed and vital to success of many companies. Looking at business to business communication this is in fact just as important as communicating with a customer. In order to get supplies, loans, and even customer referrals businesses have to talk to one another and if the message is in adequate it can mean a loss in business. Business messages are the same as any other normal message you send it must contain the proper requirements that are needed in a message. We will review three different business to business messages and see if they meet the communication process for proper communication. The first message is a proposal letter: Chris: I received your sample proposal today. While I was very happy to get it, I'm disappointed in its content. I don't see any indication that you did any of the things that we were going to do for this project. There's no outline at the beginning, no indication of the features that are located within, and no technology case at the end of the proposal as we discussed. In fact, I don't see any web material anywhere in the proposal. You still have as a boxed-out feature the "Social Responsibility" box on page 25. According to my notes, you were to take these out, integrate them into the discussion, and call them out with an icon. Do you think the section on Motorola is still valid, considering its recent ups and downs? I know Mike called and received a temporary password to Wall Street Journal information to use to replace this. Mike, did you not share it with the rest of the group? Did I miss something? Are we all "on the same page?" I'm trying to help all of you write a proposal that

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