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Year 11 GCSE Business Studies Controlled Assessment 2013 By .... Candidate number ... Centre number ... My name is ... and I am a year eleven student who is currently studying GCSE Business Studies at De Lisle Catholic Acadamy in Loughborough. For the coursework aspect of this subject, I have to investigate a small business and its current competition. The small business that I have chosen to investigate is ‘Yumi Yumi Bakery.’ I have chosen to investigate Yumi Yumi Bakery because the business attracts a target market that I fall in to and I like the business as a whole because it’s different and modern. Yumi Yumi Bakery is a sole trader, a business that was set up by one individual person, and was established five years ago. The business is located on the outskirts of Loughborough Town Centre and you can see this for yourself on appendix 2. Yumi Yumi Bakery’s unique selling point, USP, is its crepes. As you can see in appendix six and seven, the business does not just sell crepes. In fact, Yumi Yumi Bakery’s product portfolio, a list of all the products in which a business sells, is rather vast because their product range varies from pastries such as sweet crepes and novelty cakes to Korean Cuisine such as Kimbab and beef noodles. An objective that Yumi Yumi Bakery might have is survival or profit maximisation. If a business has the objective of survival, its main focus is to make enough money to cover its costs so that it doesn’t go into debt and also so that it can carry on trading, whereas profit maximisation is when a business attempts to make the most amount of profit possible. One way of doing this is to find cheap suppliers and charge high prices. I think that Yumi Yumi Bakery has the potential to be successful but it just needs a ‘helping hand’ to get there. According to, Loughborough, also referred to as Charnwood, and has

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