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The reflection of the Share market Game Outline 1. Choose a company to invest 2. Investing strategies 3. How I performed in the Game 4. What did I learn from this Game. Choose a company to invest There are over 100 companies in the Game. Each one of them has different ways of operations and self-development and they might run their own shares in various ways. So, the first question that you might have in mind is—How do I decide which companies to buy? What I did at very first was to look at the All Ords, particularly how did the orices performed the same period last year and several months ago—for it brought me general information about how did the each company appeared in the share market. Afterwards, I learned that the companies with highest market capitalizations are not always the largest companies in the nation by looking at the ASX 200. Next step that I did was to investigate the companies which had very good reputation on the news and which I was fairly familiar with their ways of operation – including all the important issues like how they (the companies that I investigated) performed before and what were their current prices and the tendency their prices, finally I’ve picked out CBA, WOW, ASX, ERA. Investing strategies STARTING OF THE GAME-buying shares With a very good reputation of stability, I bought most of my shares from CBA. CBA is a companies operating banking and saving business, and for CBA is one of the most important banking company across the country, I had faith in it and trusted it wouldn’t bring large disappointment to me. The second most was WOW and ASX, as they performed well this time last year and they do have a low price which could be expected to go up. I am not very familiar with ERA when I choose to buy shares from it, the information that I gain were ERA as a company of IT and

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