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Business Strategy In Mis Essay

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Business Strategy and Management Information System
Steffi Ann Fernandes
University of Phoenix
CIS 205
January 29th 2011
Donna Dulo

According to the University of Alabama Business School Management Information Systems (MIS) “it is based on technology applications which offer tools to merge business and technical skills and fill the gap between IT and business professionals”. Management information system supports management in the operations and decision making of an organization while business strategy on the other hand is actually the objectives, planning and implementation of rules and policies of the business. Unless there is a business strategy then can an information system function. Some business owners fail to realize that with a business plan outline they will be able to run as well as get rid of issues that arise and will lead to a better management system.

Business Strategy in MIS for U.S Military
Business strategies should be planned out and reviewed well before the business has established. They must have well defined terms and products for their customers. Management information system is the main system which runs the business according to the business plan. It maintains all the transactions of each information system of the company and data flow of the business. For Example, in a retail store there are various divisions and departments like sales, inventory, shipping, etc these clumped together is all managed by an information system which collects and store data of each product and know when a product is running low and when it needs to be replenished it is all automated. Another example if you have to pay a bill online but it is auto scheduled on a certain day at a specific time for the transaction to occur. Now the information received from your computer goes into the MIS of the bank, which then processes the information and the money is withdrawn from the account. A user is able to save their date in the banks MIS so that...

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