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Group Assignment of Business Strategy Intake No.UCD BSc 15A Lecturer:Frankie Yee Group members: Chen Junke (10212434) Liang Zhengheng (10219323) Liu Ziyao (10217401) Su Qian (10217070) Tan Jieying (10217509) Summary of the case: Creating the Future at Southwest Airlines The Southwest Airline was founded in 1966 which had vision about the lowest possible fares and on time to have a good fly. The famous person from Southwest Airline Herb Kelleher lead the company gone through battles and innovation their businesses model and strategic that are still well know by many people. In the past 37 years, they undergo the industry block, employees’ crisis, other competitors’ crowd out, and facing terrorist attacks hit whole industry and a lot. Against the variety of problems, they create methods to solve problems as the Midway as inoperative subsidiary, online sale tickets to reduce the middleman which can get profit, same distance for every trip but cut the entertainment facilities make the lowest price, these are the point–to-point models pioneered by Southwest Airline. For internal, they have their style, strategy and culture, their employees attitudes would be selected during the interview that make sure they have nice services. At the end was the contribution from Herb to the Southwest Airline and the company future. Southwest Airline have problems as fallen the earnings in the past five years; the chief had change in four years which make the staff negative; services is not enough for customers such as the assign seats or transfer baggage to other airline; oil price keeping increasing affect the ticket price directly; and the development of the company to built more flight and planning to open the oversea market were problems that company need to be improved. 2.0 Analysis of Southwest 2.1External Analysis (PEST) This part is the analysis of PEST

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