Business Skills in Professional Life Essay

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Business Skills in Professional Life Jessica Gabler DeVry University Business Skills in Professional Life Basic business skills are important in all aspects of life. This includes personal, academic, and professional. Currently, I use many basic business skills in my everyday life and while attending classes. I am able to build up these skills and practice them in my life now. This will allow me to have well developed skills by the time I reach my professional life and obtain a career in my desired field. Any of the basic business skills I will discuss can be used in any professional industry. As outlined by LaToya Littles in this week’s Meet the Expert presentation, there are seven key business skills that can be used often in professional life. These basic business skills are public speaking, teamwork, handling tense interactions, humility and patience, staying informed, time management, and communication. (Littles, 2015) Although typically disliked by students, myself included, public speaking can be a very important part of one’s professional life. It is often a required class for most degree programs because it is widely used in professions. If one were to obtain a job as a manager or other form of supervisor, public speaking would be an everyday task. Even if it is informal, managers often discuss tasks and progress to an entire team. In relation to this, the members of the team may be called upon to publicly discuss their contributions to the project. They must be able to effectively communicate to the entire group as a whole. To become a more confident public speaker, it is useful to practice and learn what tactics work the best. Teamwork is a big part of every industry in the professional world. Most jobs require employees to collaborate to complete a given task. Teamwork requires critical thinking and conceptual skills.

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