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Bernard Fisher 327137022 Business Review: Havaianas Co. Ltd [pic] Summary Havaianas is a Brazilian brand of rubber flip-flops and has 80% of the Brazilian flip flop market. Havainas distribute approximately 162 million sandals annually, of which 20% goes to more than 80 countries of the five continents. In addition, Havaianas can be found in more than 200 thousands points of sale (only 1,700 in the United States) and exports reach to 30 million pairs. Last year sales reached U$ 800 million worldwide. The investment in the marketing of the brand is 12% of 13$ of the net income and has kept Havaianas in the grow trajectory. After 51 years and many models later, this simple rubber flip flop has conquered the foot of the Hollywood stars, international magazines and main fashion stores around the world. Product • The idea of the product was inspired by the Zori (Japanese sandals made of rice straw or other plant fibers). • The Havaianas are simple flip-flops with a sophisticate look. They are made out of rubber, which is a natural product and national resource. The sandals ensure comfort and a durable product. • Today the brand sells 23 models on 60 colors of flip-flops worldwide. They are all very similar but with small adjustments for the given public. The most successful model is the original Havaiana Top Brazil, which has a small Brazilian flag on the stripe and is responsible for 64% of the global sales. In Brazil, the Havaianas are also known as the nation footwear, it goes from the janitor until the President, since it is affordable for every class. Market • It holds 80% of the Brazilian sandals market. • It sells around 160 million pairs of sandals annually. • 20% of the sales

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