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Naval aviation is one of the largest and most complicated operations of the United States Navy. Research has to be conducted on many levels to ensure that not only will the idea of having and operating an air base will be a success but that it is cost effective and the impact on the environment is minimal. Another factor that has to be taken into account is the amount of money it will take to build and operate an air facility. The location is also another factor that has to be considered. The cost of conducting operations from a location that is not suited for it could drive up the cost of conducting the operation. Security is a concern for any business and will always be at the top of the priority list for any military establishment. I intend to discuss all of the above factors in greater detail as they are all important factors that play a big part in the decision making process for operating a naval aviation facility. When deciding whether or not to have conduct military operations in any location in the world, whether it be at home or abroad, the local government has to buy off on it. The community as a whole could have a very negative reaction to it. A good example of that is the large naval base in Norfolk Virginia. This was my very first duty assignment over nineteen years ago. While serving there, I was told by the many other military members there much more senior to me, how the local residents in town used to have signs in their yards that said "Sailors and dogs stay off the grass". This would be a clear indication to me that our presence there was not well received. If this is the case, the local government would most certainly have to take it into consideration before being okay with it. On the other side of that very same coin is the fact that having a military air facility there would mean that you also have to have military members there to occupy

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