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Business Research Paper July 25, 2011 Res/ 341 University of Phoenix Business research is the planning, collection and analysis of data relevant to business decision-making and the communication of the results of this analysis to management. In this paper I will specify how the firm evaluates the other’s response correctly. I will explain the purpose of the business research identified in this article. The article is “Innovation and limitation in a duopoly” by Jean-Pierre Benoit. This article is about innovation and its purpose is how the innovation affects market structure and suggests a policy implication under such circumstances. There is explanation of the business problems that are under investigation, what are the results the researchers conclude and different methods used to conduct as a result of their research. This paper is explaining the non-patentable innovation. A patent may protect an innovator from ravages of imitation. Once something is protected by law then a firm can be created and they don’t have to worry about completion and can increase the profits. Now on the other hand if the company invests money on any innovation and then they are not able to protect it by patent then other firms can imitate it at lower cost. Now in this case with expenses the first mover gets stuck. The author finds that very inexpensive ones will be pursuit and the very expensive projects will not be pursued there is a middle effect where firms will pursue risky innovations or higher cost innovations. In article summary, there an interesting policy application mentioned. The author mentioned that airbags will not be developed under this business model. If that’s the case the Government can regulate the safety requirements the development. This is kind of a specific model. It just looks at the strategies of two firm’s duopoly. It is a theoretical

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