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BUSINESS RESEARCH METHOD INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT-I NAME : SYED RAFIQ AHMED.M REG NO : 14MBA0036 SLOT : C1 CONTENTS A.ECONOMY 1. THE ALTERNATIVES TO ECONOMIC PLANNING 2. BILATERAL TRADE BETWEEN INDIA AND CHINA 3. OVERVIEW OF INDIA’S FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT POLICY MEASURES 4. CORPORATE INDIA MUST REIN IN SPENDING,BOOST ITS CASH FLOWS 5. REFORMS IN FINANCIAL SECTOR B.BANKING 6. BANKING SECTOR DEVELOPMENT AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN INDIA 7. FRAUDS: AN INDIAN BANKING PERSPECTIVE 8. WHEN CREATIVE TALENT MEETS DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP:A NEW HR GROWTH MODEL FOR “BANK OF THE FUTURE” 9. IDENTIFICATION OF FACTORS INFLUENCING RURAL TRUST ON BANKING SERVICES:APPLICATION OF FACTOR ANALYSIS 10. PROJECT FINANCE : IS IT THE RIGHT FUNDING STRATEGY FOR INDIA’S INFRASTRUCTURE ASSETS IMPLICATION FOR BANKERS TOPIC-1 THE ALTERNATIVES TO ECONOMIC PLANNING REFERENCE : AUTHOR : Dr.Trilok Kumar Jain. SOURCE : Economic Challenger No:16 Vol:65 Oct-Dec 2014(Page No:29) According to my understanding of this article the author talks about the various different possibilities of alternatives to economic planning.he suggests that the planning commission should make some changes in their existing way of Economic planning and come up with new Alternatives which will enable a broader framework for the country’s development. When new prime minister narendra modi took his seat he announced a decision to abolish the planning commission so that a more dynamic body can be created in the country which can create economic plans based on various important alternatives for the countries development which can be flexible and have a broader framework. In this article the author talks about the six main areas where planning has to be done for the economic development of the country and they are : 1.inclusion of more variables in the planning process. 2.Focus on

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