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222222BUS 485 Section: 2 Group: 6 Research Methodology Research Design The research we are conducting is a descriptive research, as we are trying to find out the know-how of green marketing in Bangladesh. In other words, we are concerned with finding out the who, what, where, when, or how much, on the Green Marketing scenario of Bangladesh. This research is a formal study, where the research questions or hypotheses are taken from previous researches and are respectively being answered or tested to see its viability. The data collected for this research is done through communication with the researcher and the participant. This research is an ex post facto design, where the researcher have no have no control over the variables in the sense of being able to manipulate them. So, as a result they can only report what has happened or what is happening. It is a cross-sectional research, as the data that has been collected using a structured questionnaire is carried out only once. The topical scope for this research is statistical because it is being designed to reflect breadth rather than depth. It attempts to capture a population’s characteristics by making implications from a sample’s characteristics. Hypotheses are tested quantitatively. Overviews about the findings are being presented based on the representativeness of the sample and the validity of the design. This research is conducted under actual environmental conditions, also known as field conditions. The participants were made aware of the research topic and were encouraged to answer the questionnaire by the researcher. So, as a result the participant may perceive deviations as researcher-induced. Sample/ Data The sample chosen for this study was conducted through a non-probability convenience snowball sampling design since the sample is a group of respondents that were selected by the researchers, and the

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