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Business Research Ethics Troy J, Tassin RES/351 September 26, 2013 Victor Ornelas Business Research Ethics Occasionally, ethics may fall between the cracks. When ethics are not considered important a variety of consequences will have a negative impact on the organization. Organizations must make sure that they adhere to the most paramount level of ethics in every aspect of business. It is important to consider how important ethics are to business research. This essay sets out to discuss an article in which an organization engaged in unethical business research. The ambition of this essay is to dissect this specific occurrence and highlight a few key points. When reading about unethical research behavior, we could be sure that this specific organization was guilty of committing unethical research behavior. The organization will be evaluated is a pharmaceutical organization that began working with a professor that had research obtained on a medicine that related to the influenza (Dominick & Wimmer, 2010). Part of business arrangements the professor requests that research remains confidential and that no other parties have been privileged to the findings. The organization agreed to withhold the research therefore engaging in unethical business research behavior. By the pharmaceutical organization withholding research to make sure that they acquired larger profits, the research was conducted at a disservice to social welfare. Victims or injured parties of unethical research behavior are the people afflicted with influenza, the patients. By withholding their research, the pharmaceutical organization was trying to avoid sharing the benefits of new information with developing countries. Strategy implemented by the pharmaceutical organization was to share their research and benefits with already developed countries, and to withhold from countries still in

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