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Business Research Ethics Essay

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Business Research Ethics


March 4, 2013

To start I think we must all know the meaning of unethical the definition of unethical according to dictionary.com is lacking in moral principles, and unwilling to adhere to the proper rules of conduct with this said the article I chose from the University of Phoenix library to discuss unethical business research is; “Just how unethical is American business”? (Clement, 2006). In this article was found 40 different Fortune 100 corporations that had committed unethical behaviors as of 1999. The behaviors of concern with these 40 corporations included three types of fraud those being “accounting, securities, and consumer as well as discriminatory practices, undisclosed executive pay, antitrust activities, patent infringement, and other violations of the law” (Clement, 2006).
This article breaks down each corporation as to what they did and how the each corporation paid for their misdeeds. According to Clement (2006) unethical behavior in business is a growing concern. “In recent years, the business news in the United States has been rife with reports of misconduct by American corporations. The most widely publicized of these cases may be the accounting fraud at Enron and what was then MCI WorldCom; however, less trumpeted incidents of misconduct are troubling, as well. Examples of such lesser known events include consumer fraud at Prudential Financial, discriminatory practices at Morgan Stanley, and antitrust activity at DuPont. Given the recent misbehavior in the U.S. business world, a reasonable person might wonder just how unethical American business really is. Do the misdeeds simply involve a few “bad apples”: a smattering of corporations that make the rest of American business look bad? Or is the problem much broader than that? Further, if it is a widespread issue, what needs to be done”?
Even though I found many interesting facts about the 40 Fortune 100 corporations in this article I chose Coca-Cola’s...

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