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Business Research Ethics Maybelline Torres University of Phoenix Res/351 November 27, 2012 Prof. Luis Rios Silva Business Research Ethics When a company or organization large or small does not considered ethics with outmost importance, an organization may suffer many consequences. Corporations must be committed in making sure they adhere to the utmost highest level of principles and ethics in all aspects of business. It is imperative to take into account how significantly important codes of ethics are to business research. This paper will allude to a commentary or article of a corporation that engaged in unethical behavior within business research. The objective of this paper is to analyze this particular ethics incident and highlight some key points. The company or organization is a pharmaceutical that began laboring with a certain professor that held research on a specific medication that linked and related to the influenza virus (Dominick & Wimmer, 2010). The professor requested that the research remain confidential as part of their business arrangement, he asked for other groups to be excluded from the research and findings. The group was in approval of the professor’s request and agreed to concealed and withhold the finding of the study. Therefore, this organization engaged in dishonorable unethical business research behavior. This pharmaceutical organization was withholding and concealing research to benefit the organization and to acquire larger profits the study was conducted as ill-treatment to societal welfare. The sufferers or victims of this corrupt unethical research conduct were the individuals aggrieved with the virus of influenza, the patients. By this pharmaceutical organization withholding their research, the group was attempting to prevent or avoid sharing the goods and benefits of innovative

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