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Business Research RES/351 Business Research Business Research Ethics Ethical behavior has been overlooked in the past, but due to unethical business research, the manners in which businesses are run have changed. Unethical behaviors in business were becoming too common, so government laws and regulations were put in place to help regulate efforts of preventing these unethical practices. Research misconduct is both illegal and unethical. The government defines research miscount as "fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism." Unlike deviations from research methods, misconduct is always deliberate. A researcher doesn't accidentally commit research misconduct. Researchers also are obligated to report any witnessed acts of research misconduct. Business research ethics are very important for a number of reasons within a corporation. In 2008, the parent company that owns University of Phoenix online, Apollo Group, was found guilty of securities fraud and ordered to pay $270 million to a group of investors. The unethical dilemma stemmed from a report that was very crucial of the enrolling practices of the school that the company refused to disclose. The company believed that the report was partial and that it would defer current or future investors in the company. In terms of unethical business, this specific organization was indeed involved in unethical research behavior. The unethical research behavior that was involved in this case was the fact that a report about the Apollo Group determined that the for-profit school engaged in actions intended to mislead the Department of Education and to avoid detection of the payment for those involved in the enrollment activities. The law says that schools that receive financial aid are not allowed to base the pay of enrollment advisers' on how many students they enroll. The report included information with tempered

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