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Business Research Ethics Karen Lee Storaska RES351 July 9, 2012 Julie Bonner Business Research Ethics Depending on the situation ethics can be bent and twisted in the interest of humanity and the greater good. But ethics are also extremely important in keeping employees and employers honest. Organizations have to provide the highest level of ethical codes when doing all of their activities. Ethics should also be considered when doing all business research. In this paper we will discuss the unethical business research activities of an organization. In this paper I will discuss the case and various key points in relation to the case. This case popped out at me because I myself have been placed in this situation. I feel that each person may find a different outcome based on their history and morals. Dr. Johnson and the pharmaceutical company had been doing work together for the past six years. During this time the pharmaceutical company had become the professor’s sole source of funding (Zall, Moyer, Dawson & Curtis, 2003). During his time with this company he has become much respected and sought after to do seminars and articles. He sees that within a few years he could be offered a full professor position at the university. While attending a social event the professor was involved in a conversation initiated by another scientist. While in the presence of this other scientist the professor learns that the pharmaceutical company has done secret trials that have revealed that the compound the professor and the company are doing the research reduced the death rate by 90% in Rift Valley Fever. In the African countries approximately 5000 lives are lost each year from a similar virus (Zall, Moyer, Dawson & Curtis, 2003). The pharmaceutical company management staff had developed a plan to make a profit off of the new findings and withhold

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