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Business Research Ethics Ife’ N. Miller RES/351 – Business Research May 22, 2012 Instructor: C. Augusto Casas Business Research Ethics Business research ethics create a platform that grants people in a organization and in business research studies fair treatment, protection and specific rights and the ability to maintain anonymity. Without business research ethics, participants, sponsors and researchers would and could possibly be treated unfairly, there information could be bought or sold, and when wanting to be dissociated to research or the surrounding community that needs the information from a research project, the participants could be exposed. Business research ethics apply a platform of surety and security which keep things like this from happening. The following will address unethical business practices and the outcomes. The Behaviors and Consequences In an article titled, Deonance and Distrust: Motivated Third Party Information Seeking Following Disclosure of an Agent's Unethical Behavior, an agent released information of participants of a study and attempted to sell the information to other organizations even after the agent was relinquished of his or her duty of the business research process. This unethical behavior affects the business in a way which causes consumers to not want to do business with the company or purchase and of its goods or services. It is stated within the article that some people have been known to boycott business when information has been released to the public in regards to unethical business conduct. Distrust is another consequence of unethical behaviors of a party of a business that causes consumers to not purchase products or do business with an organization they do not trust. Historical Unethical Business Practices Enron is a prime example of unethical business conduct within an organization. In the Enron case,

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