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Federal Railroad Administration Research ?????????? RES/320 November 15, 2010 ????????? Federal Railroad Administration Research The Department of Transportation is broken up into many agencies. One of those agencies is the Federal Railroad Administration. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has an innovative team in their Policy and Development office that has an inspiring and sought after research program. According to United States Department of Transportation (2010), “Railroad safety depends on the reliability of people, as well as infrastructure, equipment, and control systems. Railroading is known to operate in a hostile, unforgiving environment. Railroad operating workers need knowledge, training, tools, and alertness to do their jobs properly and ensure the public's, as well as their own and their coworkers' safety” (Research and Development Programs, para. 2). The Policy and Development office was created to assure that railroad operating workers have the best tools available to do their job safely. The entire research office is to endorse and manage safety throughout the Nation’s railroad organization. The research team implements its assessment and regulatory tasks through a diverse team of railroad professionals. One tool that was implemented was the Track and Structures Program. According to United States Department of Transportation (2010), " The Track and Structures Program provides the analytical and technical basis for the development of safety standards and best industry maintenance, inspection, and operating practices to reduce accidents, deaths, injuries, and property damage related to track and other infrastructure failures. This program will improve analytical and experimental procedures for better understanding the mechanism of fracture development in rail steel under passing loads, improved nondestructive

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