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Running head: BUSINESS RESEARCH APPLICATIONS PAPER Business Research Applications Paper University of Phoenix RES 320 May 01, 2012 Business Research Applications Paper When doing this paper on research within an organization I feel it can be used in an effective manner. In long-term care, there is much needed research in detail on current areas. Many developments in long-term care need to be researched. In the 1960s, Sidney Katz conducted a series of studies that assessed how well seniors’ ability to perform basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, walking, eating, and toileting correlated with their need to receive long-term care. (Academy Health, Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice) This is how Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is used as an geriatric tool. The ADLs gives ideas on where residents stand in what they can or cannot do. It is known to be highly effective in surveys in long-term care. By using ADLs gives insurance companies an idea on how each individual’s eligibility benefits. ADLs help plan services for those seeking a community-based care. In 1987, a mandated development Nursing Home Reform Act made a standardized assessment instrument RAI (Resident Assessment Instrument). A team of researchers developed the RAI in order to measure their well-being, cognitive skills, vision patterns, and communication patterns, chronic conditions, bowel and bladder continence, pain management, and oral and foot problems. All data from the RAI is used for the basis for Medicaid reimbursement. The Channeling demonstration was developed between 1981 and 1985; it is a federal government funded organization. This project sought out “channeling” the long-term care population. The survey was gathered on a large scale using formal experiences in methodology. This research led to some programs to target most at-risk nursing home replacement.
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