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business research Essay

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Introduction 2
1.0 Background to the research 2
1.1 Why this project is interesting? 2
Literature Review 3
2.0 Electronic Mail 3
2.1 Privacy 4
2.2 Security 5
3.0 Methodology 5
3.1 Questionnaires 6
Research Methods Proposed 7
References 8


This dissertation will be aimed to investigate how Schramm’s Interactive communication Model, 1954 could be applied to the use of email in workplace.

1.0 Background to the research

Define Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

“Email is an electronic form of communication. Email is used by most organisations today. This is for a number of reasons, ‘Email can eliminate phone-tag, reduce paper use and promote the free exchange of information and ideas within and between organisations” (ipc, 2000)

According to the Electronic Messaging Association in the United States (cited in Bennahum 1999:100) 8 million Americans had access to email in 1991. By May 1999, 96 million Americans were using email.

Email is now a fact of life in many workplaces where it has largely replaced written memos and much telephone and face-to-face interaction. While it is often incorrectly perceived as ephemeral, the role it has assumed very recently - and very quickly - of being an important means of workplace communication is likely to be anything but ephemeral. (Waldvogel, 2006)

1.1 Why this project is interesting?

There are a lot of books and journals about email as a source of communication in the workplace; however this project will aim to find out actually how many of them who use email in workplace are bothered about privacy and security.

I will be discussing about various communication models including

The Shannon-Weaver Mathematical Model, 1949
Berlo’s S-M-C-R, 1960 and
Schramm’s Interactive Model, 1954

The main aim of this project will be to review the appropriate literature regarding e-mail in the workplace, privacy and security issues.

To Apply Schramm’s...

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