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Business Research RES/351 Lisa Hale March 17, 2014 Steven Thomas What is Business Research? In a simple term, it is a process of planning, acquiring, analyzing and disseminating relevant data to help decision makers to maximize performance (Business research methods, 11th Ed). I will discussthe process and the research it has taken for me to start Tralijon’ a catering business. I knew that when I wanted to get started in this business that I had to execute research, being an excellent caterer means you must know your competition and competition in this field of work are very tough. I like to eat at different places and try new things, but I also like the satisfaction of comfort food. Much of my business is through word of mouth which is how you get started. The business research process often starts with an overview of the business or industry. The key objective is determining if an opportunity exists within this business. Companies in this industry provide single-event food services at customer-owned and company-owned facilities. Catering companies typically operate as local businesses and begin in the home. Research is a critical part of your business plan. The better you do your research the problems you will avoid and the more likely your business will succeed. "If you fail to plan you plan to fail." You must provide ethics in your research; you want behavior within your business that will provide moral choice with your relationship with others. Each caterer has different ideas, you want to achieve your individual goals; you want your goals to make revenue. I also want make my customers happy while serving the best dishes that I know will keep a smile on their face and keep them coming back for more. Reference Cooper, D., & Schindler, P. (2011) Business research methods (11th ed.) New York,

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