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The following data has been compiled to compare the Linn County, KS area which has a zip code of 66014 to the entire U.S. With the examination of this figures, the Marketing Department would reach to a conclusion whether the marketing advertising schemes practiced in the total US market should be used in the given Zip Code or not. For the analysis and comparison of the data of both the areas, the Fact Sheets of both the areas are used. From these facts sheets, the major categories of data appropriate for this market comparison purpose are selected. The major categories selected for this comparison are the general characteristics, social characteristics, and economic characteristics. The subcategories under these topics are also compared in relation to both the markets. The data of both the areas under the given categories would be evaluated to analyze the actual comparison between the marketing scope in these two markets. The comparison of the data is done in tabular form (Zip Code Tabulation Area 60616, 2010). For the analysis of the total market of both the regions in a comparative way, the selected data categories are quite good. As per the analysis of the general characteristics of the total population of the regions, it is evaluated that the volume of median age of the people in both the regions is quite similar with each other, which shows the similar population mass for focusing by the marketing department. The population mass of the White Americans in Zip Code areas (25.9%) is very low in comparison to the US market (75.1%) that differs from 49.1%. This is a big gap as per the economy level of both the regions. The Black African Americans which are economically poor than Whites, are found in higher percent in the Zip Code Area than US. The household population is quite similar in both the areas. The average household size is quite similar. As per the

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