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Business Research Essay

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Below is an essay on "Business Research" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The definition and purpose of the business research in the chosen article revolves around marketing and the sale of services for marketing. The definition of business research is the research a company conducts to ensure customer demands are being met. When this definition is applied to the chosen article, the company is conducting a research related to ensure that they meet company budget, not overspend. The purpose of this research by the company ensures they meet the budget assigned to marketing services so that the marketing services are optimized and maximized.
The business problems under investigation in the article are related to marketing and the services a company purchases or utilizes. The article focuses on the budget allotted for a marketing department and how to utilize this budget to get the most effective services. Specifically, the article focuses on the strategies that marketing agencies use to sell their services. These strategies attract companies to the agency so that the agency can market the company and their services.
The data collection method used in the research conducted in the article is that of Quantitative Data collection. With this form of data collection, data is collected by experimenting, using numbers and mathematics to assess the information. Quantitative data collection was used in this article by examining the amount of money the company has for their marketing budget, while the prices of the services offered by marketing agencies was analyzed and the profits made by companies once these services were utilized.
In this article, the research conducted by the researchers indicated that “the seller’s profits are inversely related to the level of differentiation (Anonymous, 2009, para. 4).”

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