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To: Vineta Tiltina From: Parviz Murtuzayev Date: April 6 20- Terms of Reference Vineta Tiltina, Director of Personnel has requested a business report to find out how the employees feel about their working conditions. The report is to be submitted to her by April 10th. Procedure A representative selection of 15% of all employees were interviewed in the period between March 1st and April 1st concerning: 1) Overall satisfaction with our current benefits package 2) Improvement of our communication policies 3) Problems encountered when dealing with our HMO Findings After analyzing the interviews of 15% of the employees, the following results were acquired: 1) 78% percent of the workers are completely satisfied with the benefits package that they are getting. The remaining 22% think that they are not getting enough benefits in return of the job they are doing and it is really bothering them. 2) 95% of our staff is very happy with the relations they have with their co-workers in the same department. Yet there are some minor problems and misunderstandings between employees of different departments. 3) 51% of all respondents are satisfied with the Health Maintenance Organization that we are providing them with. Other 49% are not, as our insurance does not cover all their needs and wants . Conclusion According to the survey, the workers are mostly satisfied with all the work conditions provided for them. But, HMO should definitely be improved. Recommendations 1) Majority of the employees are satisfied with our benefits package, so it does not need much improvement. Some changes can be made, to make it even better, for instance a little more bonuses and extra paychecks. 2) There are no relationship problems within particular departments. On the other hand, relations between

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