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Business Regulation Plan LAW/531 Geneva C. Carter October 28, 2011 Nathan D. Foushee, JD, MT (ASCP) Business Regulation Plan Today, a taxpaying citizen has decided to stand to sue one of the country’s must profitable cash machines; a tax paying business. Capitalism gives the citizens of the United States every opportunity to be successful. Many Americans dream of raising the perfect family, the big house with all the amenities, and the new car very four years. This all sound wonderful in theory but making it happen could present many difficult challenges. The opportunity has presented itself for Kelly Bates take advantage of one of those the American dreams. She has threatened to sue a company for an alleged tort. Five years earlier, in the city of Erehwon, one of the area’s companies was cited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for violation of the Clean Water Act during a routine inspection. The company was found to have contaminated the areas water source of Lake Dira. This was the main source for water use in the city. This action occurred five years ago but one of its citizens was accusing the company for damages many years later. Kelly Bates has accused the company, Alumina, Inc., of contaminating the water source that ultimately led to her daughter contracting leukemia. This was a strong allegation. Although there was not any proof at the moment that substantiated Kelly Bates’ charge, the allegations alone could cause erectable damage to Alumina, Inc. This was one of the American ways of doing business and potentially gaining riches. The Constitution of the United States gives its citizens this right as an American. This is serious business and the company will have to find a solution for defending its reputation and financial resolve. Legal and Principle Issues Kelly Bates, a local resident, threatened to file a

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