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Quiz 5: Schwartz, “Paradox of Choice” UC 175::Summer 2014 1. Summarize Schwartz’s argument by briefly defining the concept of the “paradox of choice.” Barry Schwartz talks about how our choices has made us not happier then we should be, just more satisfied. Us as human beings have come to accept just being satisfied in not happy. We’ve come vulnerable to dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction does nothing but dig us in an even bigger whole where we have to take more of a responsibility. Schwartz gave us tips on how to not regret as much. Not only regret not as much take pride and actually measure our expectations and not settle for something less than our true standard. 2. Which example of the “paradox of choice” resonated most deeply with you in Schwartz’s talk? Describe the example and why it is so effective. When Barry talks about the escalation of expectations resonated most deeply with me. He talks about his experience when he went to go replace his jeans and he said he wants “the kind that use to be the only kind”. He walked out the store with the best jeans after trying them on but he felt worse because after trying on all the options available his expectations went up because of the large variety one of them should’ve been perfect. This example related to me when thinking how I feel about tennis shoes. When I look for shoes I want the not only the best one but the most comfortable and I can’t find that in a shoe I get

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