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Business Proposal BIS/220 August 16, 2012 Business Proposal When starting up a new business it is important to invest in information systems that will have the capacity and ability to grow with the business. The information system should be able to be expanded with rapid growth and be sustainable by its owner. A nostalgic record business will need information systems that will support success in all areas of technology. Enterprise Resource Planning is vital to the integration of the functional areas of the organization. This will support the success of the company’s financials, manufacturing, and human resources. Office Automation Systems will be support the day to day activities. This technology will provide support in areas requiring communication with customers and employees. All businesses at some point will need letters, inventory lists, presentations, or advertisements it will be necessary to use a product that can be accessed by the customers it will be supporting. Management Information Systems will help support the business with reports and transactional data. The business will be able to track purchased and demand trends. This will assist in the business being able to support its strategic vision of success. Expert Systems will enable the business to obtain credit card approvals. In today’s business world the credit card is used more than cash. It is the way customers conduct the majority of their financial purchases. Executive dashboard will enable the business to track the status of a sale by product. This program can assist in determining where additional resources are needed based on the demand of certain products. This is extremely important when determining to if product expansion may be needed. Below are the five types of information systems that are recommended for a new business. Type of System | Function | Example |

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