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LAKSON TOBACCO COMPANY, LIMITED FINANCIAL PROJECT DEPARTMENT BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION OKARA CAMPUS SUPERVISOR MR. MUHAMMAD SALEEM RESEARCH AND DEVELOPED BY MUHAMMAD USMAN GHANI BBA (HONS) FINANCE SESSION 2005-2009 ROLL NO 121 (E) SEMESTER 8Th Dedication I dedicate this project to Almighty Allah, The Creator of worlds And Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.P), the cause of The creation of the Universe And To my parents, To the persons who loved me, persons whom I loved and for all those who prayed for me. Acknowledgment First of all thanks to Almighty Allah, who have given me the strength and knowledge to complete this project. I would like to specially thank for the help of my finance teacher Sir Muhammad Saleem who helped me a lot regarding this project. Then I would like to thanks for the cooperation of Mr. Bilal Iqbal Khan and Mr. Muhammed Tabassum Shad they give me a lot of information. I have learned a lot with the kind guidance of Sir Muhammad Zahid and I think I have achieved my goal of learning practical things. Muhammad Usman Ghani BBA (Hons) Finance Executive Summary Mission Statement About Company History of Tobacco Tobacco Industry in Pakistan PEST ANALYSIS OF TOBACCO RATIO ANALYSIS GRAPH & INTERPRETATION SWOT ANALYSIS OF LAKSON TOBACCO COMPANY COMPETITORS ANALYSIS BASES FOR SEGMENTATION: Demographic Population growth Population growth in Pakistan is about 2.5% annually. This population explosion creates an opportunity for the cigarette manufacturers. Population age mix Ethnic Markets Educational group Household patterns Geographic and Social class: Task Environment: ii) Producer Distributor Retailer Final Consumer SWOT ANALYSIS THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP (BCG) MATRIX The BCG Matrix and one

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