Business Professionalism Essay

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Chapter 4 Dealing with stress is an important factor in this chapter because stress can result in permanent mental and/or physical harm to you. Stress will start to affect your work performance and will carry on to your personal life so it is important to maintain a low and controlled stress level. Time management is also an important factor in this chapter because it is important to prioritize and get organized in order to be less stressful. It is important to use your time efficiently so your tasks will get done on time. Without time management, you may spend more time than needed on a project or you may forget to complete an important task or lose an important project. Essay: What are the key steps to not allowing stressful situations to get the best of you? To help from getting stressful and letting the situations continue to bother you is first you must identify the stressor. Then, you should recognize how and why you are reacting to the stressor. Take steps to better deal with the stress by visualizing and setting a goal to respond in a positive manner. After all of this, take practice on some stress relievers. Chapter 5 Ethics are the most important part of this chapter because they are a moral standard of right and wrong. Ethics are the most influential part of business. Company’s ethics help in creating a successful business and as long as they are positive, your employees will do the same. Another important part of this chapter is corporate values/culture because it is the way a company’s employees behave. A company must enforce an ethics statement in order to have well behaved employees because companies want be proactive and decrease any type of unethical temptation. Essay: What are the three levels of ethical decisions to help make ethical choices at work? The first level of ethics is the law. When confronted with

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