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UST-TBC-2014 RONALD LAU JOSEPH FERNANDEZ Fat Angelo’s Italian Restaurants: Managing Customer Waiting Experience “We’re a family-style Italian restaurant known for our value-for-money tasty food, friendly service and lively atmosphere”1 Fat Angelo’s was a well-established and renowned family-style Italian restaurant chain that had never wanted for customers, both young and old, since it opened its first restaurant in Hong Kong in 1998. It subsequently expanded to additional locations in Hong Kong and one in Taipei. Douglas Hsia, Director of Marketing and Development at Gotham City Concepts Limited, the parent company of Fat Angelo’s, was generally pleased with the restaurant’s performance and the reviews from satisfied customers and critics. Its popularity, however, created other challenges for Fat Angelo’s. Douglas was well aware that in a highly competitive restaurant industry with rising cost pressures, maintaining efficient operations and managing high customer expectations were a perpetual challenge. One daily example of this were the queues the restaurants encountered during their peak dinner periods. Long waits resulted in dissatisfied, or even lost, customers. On the other hand, during non-peak hours, the restaurants were at less than full capacity meaning lost revenue opportunities. To help bring in additional customers during off-peak hours, Douglas was considering various measures, including a new promotional opportunity with online voucher company Groupon. Douglas' most urgent priority, though, was managing the queues of hungry customers at its doors during the weekend dinner hours. Fat Angelo's considered its customers to be guests and even extended family. Douglas was keen to ensure that all guests who chose to dine at Fat Angelo's, among many other dining options in Hong Kong, left Fat Angelo's as a contented guest thinking
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