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Zen Med Spa Adra Kipper BUS/211 Foundations of Business August 25, 2014 Brigitte Culberson-Austin, Facilitator University of Phoenix Zen Med Spa Mobile Esthetics Service Zen Med Spa brings esthetics to the customer. They are the expert in the field of skin care and beauty. This company strives to deliver results that will continually invest in the organization’s future. They pride themselves in working together to cultivate a friendly, efficient, and organized work environment. Zen Med Spa’s goal is to deliver innovative skin and beauty care, and quality products that restore, repair and renew the skin you’re in. Organization Zen Med Spa is a Limited Liability Company. The stockholders share the ownership and profits of the business. The founders and partners, Adra Kipper and Heather Clark set the standards for the mobile medical spa. Ms. Kipper brings 15 years of experience managing and developing medical practices from dermatology to obstetrics. Her role will be to institute revenue building projects with marketing and finance management. Mrs. Clark, the expert injector is a registered nurse with 10 years of cosmetic experience in the spa and medical environment. She will maintain the clinical standards of all the technicians and develop the line of services as it grows. The medical director, Marc Carson, MD is a well-respected cosmetic surgeon in the state and oversees the integrity of the medical treatments. He will ensure that the team follows the same clinical and medical regulations that they are subjected to. Potential Legal or Ethical Issues Zen Med Spa faces many potential legal and ethical concerns. State licensing requires that the employees must maintain current licenses and education credits to perform beauty and skin care treatments to clients. The “practice of medicine” in terms of diagnosing and treating
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