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Mighty Healthy Snacks 399 Main St. Braintree MA, 02184 781-333-3333 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Business Description and Vision 4 Definition of the Market 5 Description of the Products and Services 6 Organization and Management 7 Marketing and Sales Strategy 8 Financial Management 9 Appendices 10 Executive Summary Business Description and Vision The objectives of this business plan are: 1. To explain why this business is needed, and to provide descriptions as to who its intended for. 2. To map out the plan as to how the business will succeed. The objectives of Mighty Healthy Snacks: 1. Profit: Mighty Healthy Snacks are looking to make a significant profit in order to expand, and create more products. 2. Expansion: We plan to expand into multiple stores while starting off small working with local business’. Purpose: The purpose of this business is to supply customers with a tasty treat without all the fattening ingredients included in them. Vision: With renowned candy makers and taste testers, we offer savory snacks comparable to Hersheys or Mars products, while saving you money, and helping you get healthy. Mission: The mission of Mighty Healthy Snacks is to supply our customers with a candy they love, without the regret of eating it afterwards. Our snacks our made with the same quality and care while having an unbeatable price. Marketing Slogan: “Mighty Healthy Snacks, all the candy taste without all that other stuff.” Definition of the Market The candy industry is the industry the cures Americans sweet tooth, from melt in your mouth milk chocolate, to sticky sugary gummy treats. The US candy manufacturing industry includes about 1,600

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