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[pic] Products And Services Products and Services Features: It will be located in Gulshan, the central hub of Dhaka city where it will be possible to attract a lot of customers since this area is frequented by all. Let’s go! will be located not on a busy road but rather on a quite road within the hearts of Gulshan. To begin with, the building is a two-storey one with a total floor space of 6000 square feet approximately. The ground floor will be divided into three separate sound-proof rooms. Two the rooms will be equipped with giant projector screens and high-quality sound systems. One of the rooms will be used to view sports matches. The decoration of this area would include comfortable couches and lively colors with murals and wall paintings depicting different kind of sports in motion. We plan to keep this section open till late at night on the days big premier league football matches take place since they are aired at wee hours of night in Bangladesh. The second room will be a small private movie theater. Basically customers will be able to rent the room for 3 hours to watch a movie of their choice with friends of course. The third room will be a mini karaoke station, which needs no introduction or explanation. Here customers can have ball of a time testing your musical talents, sipping on a glass of mocktail and relishing yummy munchies. We know that no entertainment will be complete without food so besides providing the customers with snacks and beverages in the screening rooms, we will also have full-fledged restaurant on the 1st floor where they can come with the special someone for a candle-light dinner and dance. The dance floor will be designed aqua colored fluorescent lights that it will give the optical illusion of dancing on a water body. The dance floor will be open from dinner time only as a sumptuous Italian ala carte will be

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